Virtual Private Servers

Start your virtual server cloud

We are know what your website needs to be stable and fast-moving, and we are always working hard to provide an environment that ensures growth and prosperity!

Now we are giving you the cheapest virtual server cloud in our company also you can find (Linux, Windows)) on our servers with high specification with technical support and security systems.

Main Benefits:

Fixed Monthly Pricing.

Host Unlimited Websites.

Technical Support 24/7

High Security for virtual server cloud.

Select your Virtual Private Server

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Great features included with all plans

When you subscribe in our virtual server cloud this service will be included into your server.

Instant Setup

When you subscribe to any server from virtual server cloud , the setup it will be done automatically after the acceptance of the plan by Damri-Net.

Uptime Guarantee

We are here in Damri-Net, we follow up any work from time to time so that you can enjoy your satisfaction.

Live Technical Support

Here in our company you can see technical support for solving your problem that may will be in the future, and we look forward to your satisfaction with the service provided to you.

Website Building Tools

In the Cpanel Control Panel there are special tools for building your site in terms of ease and convenience, such as WHMCS, Wordpress or Joomla, and there are many tools for building your own site.

Free Domain Transfers

When you subscribe to any of the plans available with DamriNet, if you need to transfer your domain, we are here to provide your domain transfer service for free when you request any of the plans available to us.

Managed Server

When you choose any of the plans available to us, you can control it, such as adding or canceling a user email or modifying your site.

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