Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Website Questions

What is the purpose of your civil status card? It's just a way to identify you and discriminated. The number on your card is impossible to repeat for any other citizen in the same country. The same principle applies in the field of computers in terms of networks. Distinguishing devices linked to one network is given to each device a unique number that is impossible to repeat in any other device linked to the same network and this number is what is called the device or IP address In the case of permanent networks, in which the device is connected to the network by network wires, this number is always fixed for the device, unless the device is permanently removed from the network, but in the case of a telephone connection, the address of the device changes whenever you call the service provider through which you enter the network.
It's very easy, from the Windows taskbar, click on Start, Run, and then enter winipcfg. If you are using Windows with Arabic language support choose "Start" then "Run" then type winipcfg.
Have you ever wondered why your IP number is and not, Have you ever wondered why the IP numbers in Saudi Arabia start with the number 212 and not any other number? In fact, IP numbers are not randomly distributed or "everyone takes what he wants". On the contrary, there are organizations that supervise the distribution of IP numbers to countries and institutions within countries so that the entity is known when the IP number that you own is known. The IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) oversees the distribution of IP numbers globally, as it oversees three sub-organizations and each organization is responsible for a specific part of the world, and these sub-organizations are: 1- ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) supervises North and South America, the Caribbean regions and parts of Africa 2- RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens), which supervises the region of Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa 3- APNIC (Asia Pasific Network Information Center), supervising Asia Each organization supervises the distribution of IP numbers to the countries under its supervision. Each organization has a database that enables you to know the owner of a specific IP number and this service is called a whois service where you enter the IP number of a specific organization and you will get information about who owns this IP. For example, to find out the owner of a specific IP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, go to the website www.ripe. net / db / whois.html and enter the IP number, and you will get complete information about the owner of this number.
It is known that the IP number consists of four sections as follows Each of these sections can have a value between 0 and 255 with some exceptions that this field is not mentioned. The thing that should be known is that the first three sections from the left side of the number The IP is often reserved for a specific service provider so that all IP numbers that are similar to the first three sections of the left-hand side belong to the same service provider. For example, a device with an IP number and a device with an IP number often belong to the same service provider. And to find out the service provider by the triple IP number Any IP number without the last number from the right side You can visit the website of the organization supervising the country to which the IP number belongs and use its whois service. For example, to find out the service provider in the above example, go to the website and enter the number 212.26.75 in the box on the page and then click the search button and you will get all the information stored about the service provider.
Imagine a house with many doors and that each of these doors is devoted to a specific service, so a door to receive guests, another door for servants, and another door to enter services. The same principle applies to the computer, as the device contains many services such as a web server, file server, ftp server, and others. Each application has a specific port that it uses to send and receive its data and this is a kind of organization, for example the web service is often on port 80, the file service is on port 21, and the net meeting program is on several ports, including 1720 and each application has a specific port. Therefore, when data comes to the device on a specific port, the device will know to which application this data belongs and send it to the application that processes it.
Of course, you remember the names of your friends and do not face any problem in retrieving them from your memory, but what about their phone numbers, how many numbers do you keep two dozen of? No matter how good your memory is, you will not be able to memorize all of their phone numbers, and if you do, the fact remains that forgetting the numbers is much easier than forgetting the names. From this principle came the idea of DNS. Whereas, at the beginning of using the Internet, you were supposed to save the IP address of each site, for example, to visit the CNN website, you should type instead of Then computer experts noticed that this would be very difficult, as the human memory is unable to save A lot of numbers and from here were directed to the DNS, which is a server device that saves information that is the names of devices and their IP numbers, where users send the name of the site to the DNS provider to reply to them with its address (its IP number), so you can enter the site www.cnn. It is sufficient for you to write it in the browser that will send it to the DNS name server, which will convert it to the address of the device so that your device can communicate with the CNN web server. In short, it can be said that the DNS name server is nothing but a device that contains a database in which the names of the devices in the Internet and numbers Own IP.
Did you know that it is impossible for there to be communication between your device and any other device on the internet without each of the two devices having the IP number of the other device? By conversational I mean the transfer of any type of data. This is necessary. In order to send a message to a specific person, you must know his address, and he must also know your address in order to respond to you. Of course, there are several exceptions that we will talk about in due course. In a networked system, this communication is called connection. Of course, for every connection there must be someone who requests the connection and it is called a client or a client, and there must also be someone who is contacted and called the server server.

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The company was established in 1999 and was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is a company for computers, information technology, wired and wireless networks, and information programs.
To ensure your decision to purchase the full version is 100% risk-free, Skyscape is pleased to offer you our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your Skyscape software,just let us know within 30-days from the date of purchase and we'll gladly refund (or exchange) the full amount.
Actually, we have some offer of free trial for some product such as application or theme of websites and some control panel, but about servers and VPS we DO NOT have for that.
In the event that your bill is accepted from the sales department, your service will be transferred according to the designated department, and then it will be prepared according to the agreed date, and some services do not need to be audited. They are established immediately if they are accepted.
We have 3 payment gateways, which are bank transfer, payment via Paypal or credit cards, and you can pay through international banks available anywhere in the world.
We make my items usually to order. We just got a request for a bulk discount. We gave a little bit more than 5% discount and reduced shipping.
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