Who are we and what do we do?

DamriNet network consists of a team with advanced experiences in its specialties, good dealings and giving the appropriate time in its work, which brings back to the customer the acquisition of new skills and the development of dealing with work requirements with ease.


Company Director

The founder of the DamriNet network 1999, he has excellent experience in the field of computer engineering and software and wired and wireless networks.


Servers and Client Management

Specialized in server programming, website development and hosting, with seven years of experience in his field and specialization And he aspires to develop what is necessary according to what customer's sites are stable in.


Network Department

Specialized in planning, installing, programming and maintaining wired and wireless networks, with three years of experience in his field and specialization. He manages the networks department and works with one group in their field.


Parts Maintenance Department

Specializing in the maintenance of computer parts and smart devices Five years work experience. To deal with computer cutting problems in universities, women's institutes and schools.


Programming and Design Department

Bachelor of Computer - Information Systems 2009. She worked in several areas related to computers, including education, maintenance, programming and design. Then I joined Al-Damiri Net, which has become an integral part of me. I have no less than five years of experience in the field of computers and I hope for more.


Sales Manager

Sales manager for five years and has experience in terms of products, tools and programs suitable for customers, and also has the ability to create special programming for the customer and meet customer requests according to the required requirements. You can also communicate by e-mail in terms of inquiries about sales.

Our Values

We promote our services as the best interconnected work team, each in his specialty, aspiring to provide the finest possible for the sake of one family who is happy to transform difficulties into a simplified path. Our goal is to achieve knowledge and work.


We have high quality and experience in terms of customer satisfaction with our services.


We have the strongest and best performance in terms of servers, programming, and wired and wireless networks.


We provide all our services to the customer in a timely manner and as soon as possible before the deadline.


We develop our programs and programming with the future development of information in terms of good performance and customer satisfaction.


All our prices are good and not expensive compared to others, and we also work to ensure that our prices are suitable for all customers.


We have the strongest protection for our programs and servers and avoid losing our customers' data.

Our Location

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